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Tahririans It’s about time you get an Agenda

What Egyptians are doing in Tahrir is really great and no one can deny that the square is turning into a great place where everyone could freely express their political thoughts and argue with one another about what they find best for the country. Of course I can't say that I have a political background or really do get what's going on behind the political scene because simply all what I want is for this country to be better and better.
Since the revolution started I always felt that it was the best thing that happened to Egypt and that it should have happened ages ago and not just now بعد خراب مالطا but as they say, its better late than never. Well since the beginning I did carry and still carry a pessimistic point of view about the revolution but that's not because I am against what's going on, it's because I care tooooooo much for it and I really want this dream to come true. I really want the revolution to achieve all the items written in its "agenda". But are we really moving towards this direction now?

Well I don't want to write down specific details and I just want to go straight to the point of my thoughts about Tahrir:
1.      For god’s sake this is not a carnival! And sadly it is turning into a
carnival! I am not saying that people who go daily to support the protestors
are just going there to have fun and that’s it…but a huge part of it became
like a social gathering place where you are cool to be seen there. Its quite
clear that the Square did split into different areas and places to stand
depending on your social or political stance. This shouldn’t be the case; it’s
supposed to be a place where everyone gets together for one single cause and
it’s making Egypt a better place! There shouldn’t be a “Gucci Corner” where
actors and actresses show their pretty faces, take a couple of photos and
discuss the situation with one another and then go home! Of course I can’t
generalize this about all the people who go there and I can’t say that even
showing up is not adding something in the first but that’s not everything!

2.      I think you might consider getting an “Agenda”…what’s next? Do you
really think people who go daily to Tahrir to support the cause really
understand what should be done or what should they do to help? Ok I understand
that some people are stuck in Tahrir and couldn’t go out to gain supporters or
have some people who are helping outside the square. But lucky you, you already
have the people flowing into the square and you could try to talk to them and
explain what should be done to take this stupid regime down!!!

3.      It’s not only about the creative banners! They are great and they make
me laugh but then what???

4.      Why aren’t there fliers circulating regularly? Why aren’t there big
screens showing how things should be done? And I am not talking about showing
instructions of how things should be done inside the square, but I meant
showing what things should be done outside the Square. Explain, educate, and
try to gain allies outside this small area.
5.      The army should be the limits; NO, apologies Mr. President, but your
army wont limit our minds. Right now things go this way, I step into the square
and I am free to say and do what I want. Then when I am out I can’t say or do
what I really dream for Egypt? I think that’s what Mubarak is trying to do to
us. He doesn’t mind that the protestors have taken up the square as their
gathering spot just as long as they won’t expand or go beyond this area. We
certainly don’t have to expand physically but we can surely expand mentally if
things are done right!

6.      Muslim brotherhood, YES they are there and YES they are standing beside
all Egyptians and YES they are part of the community, and I salute them for
what they are doing to the square and how they are organizing things up. I
think we should give them some credit people!

7.      Instead of having people cheering for everyone when they enter the
square, why don’t you do something better and more creative? After all are you
clapping your hand for me because I’m doing what I should do? I believe it’s my
duty to be there and I should not have someone saluting me because I am there!
Do something better please at the entrances!
8.      Guys, sorry to tell you this or sound like a spoiled girl who sleeps in
her own bed and don’t get what people are really suffering from by sleeping in
the outdoors. But seriously guys, the smell coming from the toilets is
unbearable! You are asking people to get you blankets, medicine and food….well
I think you might consider asking for detergents too and not just normal
detergents, but extremely strong ones! Harpic is a great choice.
Lastly, people might say that I should try and help if I really see what's going on inside the square could be done better. It's just that I am not even sure what should I do to get things done right myself! I'd love to help and if anyone's interested then let's think together of what could be done to make this revolution work! Please we need to move ahead of the regime they should be catching up with us and not us trying to catch up with us.


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  1. Congratulations on your clarity! I could not agree more with you. Egypt needs to move forward with thinkers like you. Please keep writing.