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Oh I come from a land, from a far away place…where a caravan camels roam...Where it's flat and immense and the heat is intense…it’s barbaric but hey...its home


No More English Posts!

Saba7 el 7'eir, embare7 el wa7ed 3amal post bel english 3al blog...bas lama 2areeto tany la2eeto momel malal mish tabee3y! Asl el blog esmo Hartala, fa ezay wa7ed yehartel bel English??? English meen bas fel 7ar da! 2al a3mel posts bel English 2al...walahi 7awelt, bas mayenfa3sh!

Aslaha mish hateb2a hartala law bel English! Ya3ny el wa7ed yetargem le eh?
Fel posts el adeema etkalemt maslan 3ala:

"Ma7shy Berengan" law targemto da hayeb2a eh?? "Stuffed Eggplants".....ya3ny ana radya be zemet el nas...lama 7ad ye2ra "ma7shy berengan" el sora el hateegy fe mo7'o 3alatol eny wa2fa fel matba7' labsa el tereng el mateen we laffa sha3ry ta2ya we 3alihom el esharpe 3ashan re7et el akl matelza2sh feh...ama el ma7shy nafso haykoon tab3an beyshor samna we tasbeeka we 7aga kda tefta7 el nefs. Bas "stuffed eggplants" te7ases el wa7ed eno da7'alt 2olt lel taba7' ye3mely akla gedida we se7eya!

"El fostan abo karaneesh" haktebo eh? "Ruffle dress" tayeb da ana keda 7aseet 7'alas en el fostan ma3mool 3and Ellie Saab...karaneesh teb2a ruffle!!!! Mayenfa3sh

"El 3een fala2et el hagar" ha2olha.......ma3rafsh 7ata tetargem le eh de kaman! Bas ha2ol maslan "envious people could do a lot" ????? La2 la2 la2....walahi kda el ma3na baz 7'ales...el 3een fala2et el hagar te7'aly el wa7ed yata7'ayal 7asad men el masry el mateen...el 7asad el howa yegeeb el wa7ed men 2araro we ye7'aleeh yerosh mal7 kol youm odam beito we ye3mel 3arousa wara2 we ye7ra2ha we yewala3 bo7'oor we ye3ady men fo2eeh saba3 marat!

7'olaset el kalam....no more english posts...its only Hartala from now on!

Two "Soulmates" & their "Best Friend"

Well, this post will be written entirely in English and I hope it might sound as nice as other posts written earlier......... Hmmmm....well I can't say I used Arabic when I wrote my previous posts..... Because even if I don't master the Arabic language, I just can't degrade it to the degree of saying that what we call "francoarab" is actually Arabic...even if it composed of emglish letters and arabic meanings but still it has nothing to do with either Arabic nor English....but I guess we might call it "Hartala".

I will try to write my best in English just because I promised a very nice "Mozza" that I would write "Hartala" that she would understand.

Therefore, this post is specially dedicated to my "Mozza" Turkish friend and her soulmate (who is also one of my very best friends who I adore).

Before proceeding, I want to tell you girls that I am not jealous AT ALL that both of u r soulmates while I am ONLY ur friend or best friend).
But since both of u r soulmates and you are now considered more than sisters....so I guess I won't be coming between u girls and try to do something special for my best friend on her birthday....well I was trying to convince my family to allow me to fly out of the country for a couple of days, just to spend your bd with my best friend!!
I hope my "Mozza" would have thought of doing something that nice to her "soulmate" :p

I might not have shared with u memories about the wrong names written on ur birthday cakes....but as far as I recall, no one have ever gotten u a bd cake before and while we were still at ur bd we started discussing how inexpensive (I don't want to say cheap) the cake was (although it tasted really good) and then started to say who will pay the 40 L.E. For the cake (lisa na2es 40 geneeh bta3et el torta)!!!! So I guess this doesn't count as a nice bd memory to u anymore after u found ur Turkish "soulmate" :p
I am sure soulmates are the only people who would bother to buy an air ticket and fly all the way from where they are just to spend your bd with u!!! I am sure my "Mozza" did think about doing this for u as well.

So since we are only best friends I will simply make use of the 2800 LE that I was about to pay for my plane ticket and I would rather make the usual midnight bd phone call instead (its much cheaper after all :p)

So u 2 have fun together as "Soulmates".... And I won't be dedicating anything to u :p and I won't write more posts in English.

Afterall, Hartala won't be Hartala when written in English. Because simply
Hartala is "Mozza"....
Hartala is "Eshta"....
Hartala is "siko siko".....
Hartala is "Arab Garab"....
Hartala is "zis is za sphinx...el face face man wel body body lion" ---» I hope u still haven't forgotten ur very first Hartala lesson by the Pyramids with Mido our so cool Egyptian guide!
So how am I supposed to translate all these terms into English????? And I am sure u can manage reading my other posts with the translation made by ur "soulmate".....as far as I recall "Mozza was one of the very first words u learnt in Arabic!!!

Love u girls though :)