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Media wel tachnalogia!

Ma2darsh anker eno El Media bgad 7aga laziza we gameela especially with all the technology and everything that's been going on in the current phase that we are going through. El howa we became connected 24/7 to everything and everywhere. Besara7a….people were right lama 2alolna zaman el 3alam hayeb2a karya sa3’eera.

Bgad its true gedan el mawdoo3 da....we fe3lan ba2eena karya sa3'eera…..Imagine 7ayatna kanet hateb2a ezay if we remained watching The Bold and the Beautiful kol youm at exactly 9 PM on our one and only Cannel 2...Not that I ever watched the bold and the beautchiful (which is currently airing el 7ala2a #5795!!!!!)...ma 3alina, bs by not watching this mighty series ektashaft en de kanet akbar 3'alta fe 7ayaty..... and it’s not a mistake because I missed all the talks at school about Brooke we Ridge....bas 3ashan I am currently 25 and still didn't figure out anything about relationships! The topic is just too vague and finally I ended up not believing in Love but rather believing in the famous line our parents always tells us "el 7ob beyeegy bel 3eshra ba3d el gawaz"....well let's not discuss how they weren't practicing what they preached....we eno da kalam maloosh ay asas men el se7a, bas I still forced myself to believe it (or I guess I have no other choice but to believe it)

On the other hand, if I actually watched the series while I am 10 years old 3ala Channel 2.....I wouldn't have spent my childhood watching instead captain maged wala cinema zeft el atfal wala mama samia (el kont hamoot we atla3 fel show beta3ha) we kont fehemt el donia 3ala 7a2e2t-ha men badry...... And I wouldn't have to wait until I am 7aga zy 20 or something to start watching Friends and fully understand the difference between a normal boy/girl sadaka baree2a OR el 7ob el baree2 OR el 7ob men agl el 7ob OR even el 7ob el mish baree2! Ross we Rachael 3amalo sho3'l gamed to make me know the difference el sara7a! I owe them a lot!

Anyways, life would have been quite dull without Media and without being exposed to the world and without knowing what's going on in my own country….(while watching el Jezira bel sodfa…mish 3ashan ana el sha7’seya el batfarag 3al jezira, bas 3ashan its listed between LBC wel MBC 3andena).....bas fel a7’er I end up knowing what’s going on….hours before Channel 1 aw el Qanah el masrya el 2ola…. finally decides enaha te3red el ybey7sal 3andena fel balad! Fa besara7a I can't deny all the benefits Media (combined with technology) is bringing us.

I can't deny bardo that we can now watch the newest episode of Lost, Desperate Housewives or whatever series you follow immediately right after it airs in the USA.
Wel internet kaman...da leh role kebeer as our main source of everything.... basically el internet ba2a howa el TV, el Newspaper, el Communication stream.....howa 7ayatna el sara7a we Mafeesh 3'ena 3ano!
Bas let's look at it from another perspective....Media is way overrated!!!!!!

Well let’s watch things from the beginning and see how media is way OVERRATED. Men wana so3’ayara we lisa tefla baree2a batfarag 3al Television we ana ma3rafsh leh dayman basada2 ay 7aga el Media te2olha…Safaa abo el So3ood te2oly a3’sel 2eedy bel saboona we senany bel forsha wel ma3goon we ana a3mel el te2ol 3alih….(although eny masme3tesh kalam Tamtam le boogy lama 2aletlo 7aramt teram-ram … 7aramt!)

Bas whatever ba2a type of media bat3ardlaha wa2taha….ya3ny howa wana so3’ayara ne2dar ne2ol en el Television howa kan bel nesbaly howa el media fe 7ad zat-ha….It was my one and only source for the outer world….bas 7ata lama shwya be shwya da7’al other sources of media fe 7ayaty (for example lama ba2eet a2ra el saf7a el 2ola fel ahram aw nos kelma le ahmed ragab)….bardo dayman bashofhom en homa el sa7 wel nas kolaha 3’alat….el Media mish bet3’lat.

But actually, if I think about it…how would I have remembered major incidents that happened 3abr el seneen law makansh feh media? Ya3ny el wa7ed kan hay7es en el mawdoo3 kebeer wala overrated ezay? It’s the media that would exaggerate the events OR the opposite would make it sound like something normal. It’s the Media el bet3’ayar ra2y el nas le 7aga homa momkin maykonoosh moktane3een beeha….it’s the media that is controlling everything.

Especially law fe balad zy masr….el Media knows well how to hush everyone and make everyone think about what “THEY” want to think. Ma 3alina….ana ahly bey7eboony wenaby we mish 3ayza aro7 fe dahya….we atkalem fel seyasa…. Bas I owe a lot to the media as it helped in structuring my childhood memories and it linked major parts of my life with certain events that were way overrated by the media….so let me flashback with you a little (and promise I won’t talk much about mama samia we bo2loz we 3arosty 3ashan kol el nas 7’alas etkalemt 3al el 7agat de el kona bentfarag 3alehom we e7na so3’ayareen we haroohom tarya2a….fa I would be somehow unique and would mention other major events that we encountered fel wa2t da…. assuming that the people who are reading this blogpost are somehow my age…or assuming that there is someone 3’eery bey2ra my hartala).

So wait for the sequence of events that were overrated by media……