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Oh I come from a land, from a far away place…where a caravan camels roam...Where it's flat and immense and the heat is intense…it’s barbaric but hey...its home


Identity Crisis…..Am I a Facebookian or a Twitterian?????

Damn you my school…Damn you my university….Damn the Egyptian Educational System….Damn the Society…...Damn Peer Pressure….Damn the Traditions….Damn the Culture….and Definitely Damn Everything that’s leading me to have such an Identity Crisis!!!

Who am I??? Where do I belong??? Which person do I really care for?? Do I care for the Facebook person in me? Or do I care more for the Twitter person in me? Or do I want to live a little bit of this and a little bit of that? Reaching a middle point in between is waaayyyyy toooooo hard!!!

Am I the person who hates the stupid "francoarab" way of writing….and yet insists on using it all the time? Or am I the person who forces herself to type in Arabic (sometimes) no matter how time it takes me to find the ذ on the keyboard!!!!
Al la3na 3ala kol ma yatsabab fel identity crisis that I am facing now…al la3na 3ala el Twitter!
Al hamd lelah…so far ma7adesh men el airheads ektashafo el Twitter or are interested in using it we lisa el Facebook howa a7san 7aga fe 7ayat-hom….bas homa ebtado yezha2o we 2arabo yedawaro 3ala el Twitter…maho dah dayman el bey7sal….yezha2o mel 3agamy we yetla3o 3ala Marina…yezha2o men Marina fa yetla3o 3ala Diplo….yezha2o men kol dol…fa yetla3o 3ala gomheryet Marassi al mota7eda!!

El wa7ed yed7'ol 3al Facebook yela2y el nas laziza we having fun we status kolaha "Here's the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness that is my life" - Barney Stinson" wala maslan "so happy 4 my sweet …….. babeeeeeee" wala maslan "First Villa, next Fabregas...Barca just keep getting better and better!"

We ala2y nas da7'la teshtery shonat LV we Prada we Gucci we ye3melo online shopping we actually they do have the money to buy…we ala2y el events le 7agat lateefa…open days, weddings, birthdays, trips abroad, openings to major events…ya3ny mel a7'er people who are living their lives in the best possible way with no worries and no concerns!

On the other hand….el wa7ed yetnayel yed7'ol 3al Twitter…yela2y shellet activists a3deen 3amaleen yetkalemo 3an 7al el balad…we mish 3arfa meen et2abad 3alih…we mish 3arfa el mozaharat beta3et feen 7asal feeha eh….we terrorists attacks…we demonstrations we 7al balad yek2eb….we nas teshtem fe mobarak we nas mestanya el Baradie yeegy....we nas ta3bana fe om el balad de!!!

Ana meen feehom? Dana awel lama da7'alt el Twitter we ba2ool ya hady…wa7da dabetny post 3an el nas el betkteb bel francoarab style and are not caring about our beloved language!! Check it out Here Wala howa ana ya3ny lama akteb "mozza" we "hartala" we "edeeny fel hayef wana a7ebak ya nananas" bel 7oroof el 3araby…dah hay7'aly el lo3'a a7san??? Maho kalamna daye3 men el asas…Ah el wa7ed 3aref en our language is deteriorating we ah ana 3arfa eno I am not doing anything about it or to improve it…and yes my mum hates it when she sees me writing like this on facebook and always preaches me about how our language is collapsing and that i shouldnt write this way….but HELL we live in a society and culture where the stronger dominates…ma3a e3terady el shedeed we eny nawya ada7'al 3eyaly madares 7okoomy men asaso 3ashan yetnayelo we yethabebo we yet3alemo ely ma3reftesh at3alemo…we mayed7'oloosh madares tefdal te2olohom "talk in English please" el howa katkom el araf wala tala3toony ba3raf 3araby wala engleezy wala 3arfa ana taba3 Facebook wala Twitter!!

So to hell with everything!!! I will be me…no one is to judge me! Will not allow the Facebookians to judge what I do on Twitter and I will not allow Twitterians to judge what I do on Facebook…. I am both and will always be both….I will always have this Identity Crisis and will always remain in between...not Knowing where do I belong. I will always feel eno shabab el Facebook tafheen we day3een we mawarhomsh 7aga 3'eer el gossip and going out and living in their own Bubble….and at the same time I will always feel that the Twitter people are way ko2aba and I will always be the airheaded girl between them!

Al La3na 3ala al gamee3 (including me)


  1. face book twitter most bebole dont know 2nty btklmy 3la eh 2sln,, da low 3rfoow get in here.

    Not: if you like somthing do it if you dont like it just dont do it very semple.


  2. well ya Titoo...firstly, i'd like to tell you how glad i am to receive my very first comment 3al blog from someone i dont know (or do i know u?)

    secondly, i wish life was that simple and u could do whatever u want whenever u want! we are bounded by aa bunch of rules, tradition, culture that somehow affects our choice. So whoever told you that u could do whatever u want...i am sorry to tell u....but they taught u wrong!!!

    here's the truth my dear...life is hard and complicated and it takes time to figure out where u stand!

    so enjoy...but i hope u could keep up the optimistic tone in ur way of thinking...its really tough to achieve it! i wish i could!

  3. hi again i will told you somthing i alredy see it

    life like a cercle if u stand inside it you will say it very complicated and not understanding but if you stand outside and look at it from every side you will see the truth that is you can chose where you want to be or what you gonna be.

    i belevie in that, evey one can control his life what ever the bruchers, he can made his own way even start over again.
    (bunch of rules, tradition, culture that somehow affects our choice) this things inside you, you can control it if you wanna let ther effect of you or you can use it to make a new rules for your self.

    and sorry fo too much talking,& i hope too see what iam see.