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Good News....Starbucks, Sequoia and the Four Seasons didn't increase their Menu Prices!!

Ana kan maly we mal el seyasa bas!! Wala maly we mal 7al el balad….akteb 3anhom leeh??

Mana a3da betna mo3azaza mokarama….. wakla, sharba, nayma, 7'arga and someone is paying my bills!!

Asl ya3ny el Sokkar 3'ely….did it affect me? Did this make Starbuck increase the price of its Latté? Maho lisa badfa3 el 20 geneeh fe kobayet el Lattee beta3et kol youm! Wala maslan Le Carnaval kan 3'ala se3r el 7aga beta3to? Lisa bardo nafs as3ar el torat wel gateaux…
Wala el la7ma ely wesel se3raha 80 geneeh…..hal dah 7'ala el Four Seasons ye3'aly se3r el open Sushi and Steak Night beta3 every Tuesday? HELL NO!!! The price is still the same!

Wala el samak ya3ny lama se3ro ye3'la…we 7ata law Mori Sushi increased the prices of its Menu….will this cause Sequoia eno ye2alel se3r el minimum charge? Bardo la2a…da el wa7ed mabye3rafsh ye7'alas el minimum charge henak ezay aslan!

Fa bgad bgad….ana mish fahma el nas betshteky men eh??? Maho el restaurants wel cafehat kolaha ahom saybeen as3arhom zy ma heya!!!

Ya3ny 3ayzeen el 7okooma te3mel eh?? Mish zanbohom en as3ar el 7aga is increasing?? You can go protest to the "Carrefour" guys…they are the ones who increase prices!!!
So people seriously you've got to stop all the stupid demonstrations that’s been going on and stop complaining about everything in life!
Come on…look at the bright side…and if you can no longer afford going to the fancy places….balash Starbucks and get your latte from On the Run…we balash Four Seasons and go to Le Pacha instead….we balaha Sequoia we ro7o Caracas!!!

Bgad I hate whiny people….mish ma32oula bgad!!!

P.S. Leh ya Daddy magebteleesh Villa fe France so that I can take some time off we asafer a3'ayar gaw henak we arta7 men el mahzala ely bet7sal fel balad deh! El nas mish 3arfa te2adar 7'alas meen el sabab fe zeyadet el as3ar we 3amleen dawsha tool el nahar 3al fady!!


  1. eh y3ny s7eh lma prices will increase ay 7d sell somthing increase it adam he will bay another things expenseve now will be even.

    mouzfen el hkoma b2a y3mlo eh : kfya 3lehm rasha

    bs asebk 2na 3shan ray7 villa hawaii ashm shwet hwa & relax.


  2. سلملي علي الجو في هاواي ومتنسناش هناك!