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Volcanic Ash Cloud

While surfing the internet today, it came to my notice that several European Airports were clo
sing down today because of the volcanic ash cloud that was caused by the volcanic eruption in Iceland...the ashes formed from the eruptions created a cloud that has traveled through Europe and caused airports to close.

So at first I thought that the only reason they are closing airports was only because the ash cloud restricts vision....but by digging deeper on the subject, I found out that the main reason was:
Since the airplane's craft sucks in air into the engines, so the air that is sucked from the ash cloud will contain .... Well contain surely ashes that cause failure to the craft's engines!

So back in 1982 a similar incident occurred for a British Airways craft.... as the plane passed through an ash cloud, the plane sucked in the ashes which caused the 4 engines to drop dead!!!!!

So the lovely pilot was an honest guy and he simply announced to the passengers :
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them under control. I trust you are not in too much distress." Eventually, after quarter of an hour without any power, the engines were brought back to life. Ash had clogged the engines, which only restarted when enough of the molten ash solidified and broke off.

We men hena ba2a nebtedy el hartala....

Ya gama3a el captain bey2ol "I trust u r not in too much distress"...akeed mafeesh distress wala 7aga!! Hayeegy meneen aslan el distress da? Dol yadobak 4 engines (el homa mafeesh 3'erhom aslan) mish sha3'aleen we e7na metsha3la2een fel gaw....fa leh momkin el wa7ed yekon distressed? Eh el moshkela lama el tayara teshta3'al men 3'eer engines??? Asl el nas el mota7'alefa mate3rafsh en el tayara could glide 7ata law el engines bayza...el sor3a bet2el shwya bas betmshy bardak. Bas we ba3deen? After t glides for a while? Mesh beto2a3 bardo wala eh???
Balash el engines wa2fa....Eh el moshkela lama el oxygen gowa el tayara ye7'las we netnafes men el masks! De 7aga baseeta 7'ales 7'ales! Tab da 7ata el hawa gowa el tayara makansh ad kda!

7aseet le wahla enohom rakbeen microbus fe share3 faisal wel motor se7'en fa el 3arabya we2fet fe nos el share3 wel sawa2 bey2ol lel zabayen ma3lish el motor we2ef enzelo 7'odo microbaz tany!!!

Howa el captain bta3 el tayara fehem 3'alat....da mish mawkef ye2ol feh ew3o tekono distressed...aslo mish hanenzel na7'od el tayara el ba3daha 3ashan manet2a7'arsh 3al meshwar el kona ray7eeno!!! Ya3ny howa kan akramlo ye3mel zy el nokta bta3et el captain el se3eedy lama kalem el passengers we 2alohom...captain hareedy yo7ayekom we bey2oloko el motor rakam 1 we2ef....we ba3deeha be shwya 2alohom el motor 2, we ba3deen 3...geh 3ala number 4...ra7 2ayel captain hareedy yo7ayekom men el parachute we yatamana lakom re7la sa3eeda!!! Heya de el spirit el sa7...panic...anxiety....stress...freak out....de kolaha emotions tabe3ya momkin el wa7ed yesta7'demha....We sa3et-ha el yel7a2 yesawat yesawat, el yetshahed yetshahed wel yo3'm 3alih yo3'm 3alih!!!

Leeha 7a2 so3ad hosny lama 3'anet we 2alet: 3ando berood a3sab esmallah, wala gara7 britany! Maho el captain kan britany bardo!

Ana mish 3arfa momkin ye7saly eh law kont fel tayara de! Bas the good news is....eno ba3d ma el captain fedel yezbot fel attitude bta3 el tayara 3ashan yedman eno yekon feh enough oxygen we fe nafs el wa2t ye2dar ye7'aly el ashes el da7'alet de to solidify fa el engines teshta3'al...rabena satarha ma3ahom we fe3lan they managed to land safely (although el 2ezaz bta3 el tayara kan medamar be sabab el ashes we makansh shayef el runway). Bas rabena ba2a lama yostorha!

El mohem...law 7ad mesafer Europe bokra we ba3do...lazem ye2aked men el flight status bta3to wel airport fel balad el raye7ha sha3'al wala ma2fool....we rabena ma3ak yaly mesafer!!

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