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Hartala X Hartala

This is my very first blog. Howa aslan ya3ny eh blog? Wala eh el bey7sal fel blogs? I have no clue

Bas I decided eny mish a2al men nas ketera 3andaha blogs....gat 3alaya ana ya3ny el maykonsh 3andy. Maho asl e7na 3andena fe masr el mawdoo3 yebtedy be wa7ed ye3mel 7aga we tedrab ma3ah fa el ba2y kolo ye2aledo. But the problem is, ana aslan I don't read any blogs and I don't know any bloggers, so why the hell am I creating a blog space for me?

Well, let me jump back a couple of months ago....fe leila men el layaly el kont a3da ba3mel stalking lel nas feeha 3al facebook...karart eny zehe2t men kotr el sowar el etfaragt 3aliha we profiles el shoftaha wel nas el shoft afra7hom we ana ma3rafhomsh men asaso.....at the end of my stalking session, I was just about to go and sleep. But I realized el fagr 2arab yedan so I just had to keep myself up until I pray and sleep. But since I was done with my stalking session so I was left with nothing to do....so I decided I should write a note about Facebook and post it to my wall. The note was read by many of my friends who really liked and enjoyed what I wrote. Fa 2olt eh da? Howa ana ba3raf akteb aslan?
El mohem, ramadan geh we bardo during my facebook stalking sessions (omal el wa7ed yesaly seyamo fe ramadan ezay bas...da ramadan ba2a yeegy fe 3ez el seif fa lazem 7aga tetary el a3da bardak) el mohem, I found a friend leaving a wall post 3and friend tanya bet2olaha....why aren't u answering me? Wala howa el Facebook 7aram fe Ramadan? I was going to comment 3al post de el sara7a and I actually started writing....but I found out that I have too much to share about the topic.....and therefore, I wrote my second note about whether or not el Facebook 7aram fe Ramadan wala la2? To my surprise, again many people did like my post and they told me to write more.......But I didn't write any more notes. Although I get some ideas that sometimes crosses my mind, but I just don't write them down.

So the days passed and I ignored what people said that I have a slight talent in writing (ma3rafsh de mogamla men el 7abayeb wala bgad)....bas yeegy youm 2areet feh ketab esmo..."1/4 Gram" and I just fell in love with this book and it really touched me on different levels. El mohem, I was discussing the book with a friend.....let me call him with a fake name "Mohamed"....tes2alony eshme3na Mohamed ya3ny? A2oloko 3ashan lama sa2alt el ostaz 3an his full name....fa edany lista taweela 3areeda mafehash wala Mohamed wala Ahmed wala Mahmoud!!! Fa esta3'rabt...ya3ny esmak kda bas mot2aked? Fa he was like aiwa this is my name....fa fakart maho ya 2ema christian ya 2ema mish masry!!! Aslo mayenfa3sh wa7ed masry maykonsh esmo feh wa7ed men el asamy deh! Fa men youmha I decided to give him a middle name "Mohamed".....so back to our point, during our discussion Hamada 2aly leh matektebeesh. Fa et7'adeet el sara7a! He told me but u r good, why don't u write anything that comes to ur mind. I was like Hamada ketabet eh wenaby ana wa7da ba3od youm kolo odamy el Facebook and I absolutely have no general knowledge....hakteb eh wenaby? 7'ena2ty ma3a mama kol youm? Wala el BBM el beyhaneg we mish 3afa ab3at msgs meno. Bas Hamada kan laziz...2aly ekteby ay hartala we 7'alas!!

Hartala!!!!!! Aiwa hartala, mahy el balad de kolaha hartala....gat 3alaya ya3ny ana el mahartelsh??? Wa 7'leset el conversation be eny aroo7 akteb my first blog post we Hamada ra7 to create a blogspace wala account wala ma3rafsh esmo eh el bey3melo creation da. We actually I will start my new phase of HARTALATION .....fe nas embasatet we 2aret el maktob, yeb2a 3amalna 7aga neraya7 el sha3b beha....ma7adsh da7'al to read yeb2a ana we Hamada han2adeeha sawa Hartala fe Hartala.

Yala ba2a 3ashan aro7 anaaaam


  1. hahahaha
    love it!
    keep on el hartala!:D
    your number one and only fan ghaleban

  2. and we just love that u r zee numbar 1 and only fan.....but wait for the competition that will sooooonnnn riseeeee

    7ayaty enty walahi :)